Some governmental links may no longer be active due to changes of administration. 

CSSP Advocacy in 2020

It would not be an understatement to say that 2020 has been an extraordinary year – in both positive and not so positive ways. We all have been affected by the pandemic, which illuminated the even greater need for strong advocacy for science. Based on that need, the Council of Scientific Society Presidents (CSSP) was engaged in, created and supported a number of letters of support from the scientific community to both policy makers and Federal science agencies.

Here is a list of some of the activities in which CSSP participated:

And here are some of the Requests for Information that we shared with our members so they could also participate:

  • Support to stop the current Administration from moving forward with policy changes that would remove the duration of status for any international students with visas from dozens of countries. Instead of being able to stay for the duration of their degree term, up to four years, they would have to leave the U.S. after two years.

    A request was sent out to ask for outreach to policymakers, letting them know individual, and organizational thoughts about this rule proposal and how it would impact community, colleagues, students, institutions, and others. The request was made to ask policymakers to submit a comment to the Federal Register. Comments by policymakers are among the most impactful.