CSSP Membership Benefits, Types and Dues

CSSP is a unique forum focused on the elected Presidents of multi-disciplines of sciences. Membership allows participation in a center for national science leadership development, the opportunity to be part of a strong voice in support of science, and the premier forum for national science policy development and open, substantive exchanges on current issues encompassing the full spectrum of science, engineering, and mathematics.

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Your Value of Membership Is Our Top Priority!

Amplify Your Voice

  • Expand your influence in DC through engagement with both legislative and executive branch officials, including leaders at the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy (OSTP), the National Science Foundation (NSF), the National Institute of Health (NIH), the Department of Energy (DOE) and other Federal agencies supporting the science enterprise.
  • Increase awareness of your organization's mission to fellow scientists
  • Take part in special reports and research projects*
  • Minimize your legislative investment while maximizing your organization's return on investment (ROI) through the collaborative efforts of the coalition
  • Be in compliance with IRS tax regulations regarding advocacy/lobbying efforts

Resource To You

  • Learn about best practices for scientific societies*
  • Participate in the Society Leadership "Nuts and Bolts" interactive sessions featuring speakers on topics of importance to society leadership (tax or legal experts, developers of innovative meetings, future of publications, strategic planning, etc.) that provide value in leading a scientific society.
  • Utilize "Office Hours" programs to resolve your organization's critical issues*
  • Use coaching sessions for your incoming leaders to partner with existing presidents for coaching sessions*
  • Access the Congress Advocacy Guide, a discussion and written guide for members on how to connect with elected Congressional members and their staff.
  • Preview potential speakers for your organization's educational needs

Expand Awareness of Your Science

  • Help shape legislation through letters to Capitol Hill
  • Provide substantiated recommendations to federal agencies for funding
  • Propose your members as nominees for CSSP Awards (annually)*
  • Suggest sessions for CSSP educational programs*
  • Provide your members with additional volunteer opportunities
  • Participate in CSSP Chats where the audience has live conversations with peers on leadership and society best practices*

Your Seat at the Table

  • Interact with elected Congressional leaders and their staff*
  • Nominate candidates to serve on the CSSP Board of Directors
  • Vote for CSSP Board of Director Members
  • Influence the scientific discussion for legislative and educational activities*

Achieve Your Goals

  • Support and expand your organization's pipeline of leaders
  • Get ahead of the curve through the Frontiers of Science sessions. Innovative scientists present groundbreaking research on scientific breakthrough discoveries and technological advances with significant implications for society. These talks provide a venue for science leaders to hear about out-of-the-box thinking in a variety of sciences.*
  • Collaborate on innovative programs across science disciplines
  • Network with leaders of other scientific organizations
  • Offer free educational webinars to your members*

*Indicates leadership growth for individuals that also benefits organizations to advance their science.

CSSP Dues are Based on the Size of Your Organization

Member Organization
For individual societies.
  First 4000 members: $0.30 per member per year, $500 Minimum
With 4001 - 50,000 members: $0.25/member each
With over 50,000 (50001+) members: $0.20/member each
Membership expires on December 31.
For organizations that comprise multiple individual societies.
  $2500 per year
Membership expires on December 31.
Federation Societies
For societies that are members of a CSSP Member Federation.
  $0.20 per member per year, $500 Minimum
Membership expires on December 31.
Non-voting institutional membership for universities or other academic organizations.
  $2500 per year
Membership expires one year from enrollment or renewal.
Past CSSP officers.
  $100 per year
Membership expires on December 31.
Organizational member presidents that wish to maintain membership on their own after their CSSP term expires.
  $100 per year
Membership expires on December 31.
Sustaining Alumni
Alumni members who can give more to help fund CSSP.
  $500 per year
Membership expires on December 31.
President of Non-member Society
Special rate offered to explore CSSP.
  $300 per year
Membership expires on December 31.